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Congregation rejoices on 2nd Sunday after earthquake, Carole's apartment and Depot collapsed, Apollon has worked for EWO since Day 1 -- he is over 90 years old


Matthew Update

Our national pastor, Jean Carlo Thomas, has three churches/schools in the south in Balix, Kawa, and Roche-a-Bateau. His church and school in Balix were completely destroyed. He lost all he had in Kawa. He has not been able to reach the pastor in Roche-a-Bateau to secure any news of the folks there. Today, some of his men are traveling south to those places to check on the saints and assess the damage. We here at EWO love Pastor Carlo and have great respect for the work he does here in Haiti. We were able to share some supplies: tarps, soap, and water purifiers with his guys and they took them with them to help as many as they can. Please pray for them as they go. Pray for God to supply the great need of these three congregations.

Please consider a financial contribution to assist with the aid and/or rebuilding process.


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